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The IV International Congress on Technological Innovation and Education 2024, themed Artificial Intelligence: Scope, Opportunities, and Risks serves as an interdisciplinary forum where experts, university professors, professionals, and decision-makers converge. They share a common interest in delving into the impacts, possibilities, and risks associated with Artificial Intelligence.


To promote, with the participation of experts, researchers, professionals, and enthusiasts of the subject, the exchange of knowledge, ideas, and advancements in the field of artificial intelligence; to discuss and explore its applications in various fields of knowledge, as well as to stimulate debate on related ethical, legal, and social aspects.


Presented across three days, this event features conferences, panels, workshops, and discussion tables delving into diverse perspectives on the impact of Artificial Intelligence. Topics include the creation of AI-based applications, exploration of possibilities from current advancements, entrepreneurial opportunities, efficiency in both productive and creative processes, and the paradigmatic impact on teaching and learning processes.


The congress is designed for a diverse audience, including educational institution leaders, researchers, programmers, designers, and developers of educational applications, university professors, technology company executives, entrepreneurs engaged in AI projects, policymakers in education, AI project specialists, and all professionals keen on acquiring state-of-the-art knowledge in the realm of AI.

Questions to be addressed include:

How will AI technology evolve in the coming years? What will be the impact of AI on the economy and employment? How will ethical and privacy issues related to AI be addressed? How will AI be regulated? What are the geopolitical implications of AI? How will equity in access to and benefits of AI be ensured? How will the next generation of AI professionals be educated? What will be the role of AI in scientific research and policy-making? What opportunities does AI offer for the development of human talent in Latin America? These and other similar questions will trigger a series of discussions that will take place during keynote lectures, concurrent conferences, discussion panels, workshops, and paper presentations.


Recepción de PonenciasEvaluación y SelecciónPublicación de Resultados
1 de abril al 31 de agosto1 al 15 de septiembre16 de septiembre
Recepción de Ponencias1 de abril al 31 de agosto
Evaluación y Selección1 al 15 de septiembre
Publicación de Resultados16 de septiembre

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