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In alignment with its cutting-edge technological profile, Universidad Da Vinci extends a warm invitation to the IV International Congress on Technological Innovation and Education. This event serves as a global platform to explore ideas and strategies for integrating artificial intelligence (AI); to allow the exchange of experiences to enhance comprehension regarding the challenges, opportunities, and risks associated with AI integration into the professional landscape, the reshaping of educational systems, and the dynamics of social coexistence.

The International Congress on Technological Innovation and Education aims at fostering a collaborative environment where participants engage in meaningful discussion with leading experts. The discussions center on the latest advancements, opportunities, disruptive potential, and risks associated with Artificial Intelligence. Attendees benefit from immersing themselves in front-line knowledge, gaining valuable insights into innovative applications of AI tools.


Universidad Da Vinci is recognized as the Mexican first on-line higher education institution. Over its two decades of existence, it has created a distinctive identity due to its commitment to the dissemination and research of technological innovation; it has created strong connections with high-tech companies to implement disruptive models in teaching and learning models.

AI from the perspective of our experts

Let’s embark on this learning journey with Dr. Humberto Sossa Azuela, who will be one of our featured speakers at CITEDU 2024, focusing on artificial intelligence, particularly its generative aspects.

Together, let’s explore how this technology is designed to augment our capabilities and enhance our quality of life.

Furthermore, we’ll delve into its significance in the field of modern robotics and the importance of participating in conferences and forums for professionals in the industry.

Learn more about Dr. Sossa’s career by visiting his profile:

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Descubriendo el Potencial de la IA en la Formación

“Artificial Intelligence is not a substitute for human intelligence; it is a tool to expand human ingenuity and creativity.”

— Nick Bostrom

Artificial Intelligence (AI) s not only enhancing ingenuity and creativity but also revolutionizing every facet of human interaction. From disease diagnosis and process automation to tailoring learning experiences to individual student needs and contributing to the design and development of smart cities.

Gaining a comprehensive understanding of AI’s scope is crucial in transforming its challenges into opportunities for growth in your professional, academic, and business pursuits. The Congress provides an exceptional opportunity to delve decisively into this transformative topic that impacts all areas of specialization.

“Artificial intelligence is the last invention that humanity will have to make.”

— Nick Bostrom

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